>> english version:

Dubvasion (formerly Subvasion) is a sort of "DubTechPunkStep" project of the Band Guts Pie Earshot with live played electronic cello, drums and keyboard.

It started under the name "Subvasion" as a collaboration of Guts Pie Earshot and the Zurich musician L.N/A.

2012 Subvasion shrinks to a duo, calls itself Dubvasion and still continue to fuse instrumental cello-based Tribal Dance Punk'n'Bass with dub, melancholic Techno without neglecting the techno-punk roots.

So Dubvasion serve music for the emotionally deep without being cliche, exploring unknown terrain that still has to be named yet.

The whole thing sounds so mature and confident, as if they had never done anything differently.


>> german version:

Dubvasion (ehemals Subvasion) ist ein DubTechStep Projekt von Guts Pie Earshot mit live gespieltem elektronischem Cello, Schlagzeug und Keyboard.

Angefangen hat Dubvasion damit, dass sich Guts Pie Earshot und die Züricher Musikerin L.N/A zu einer Kollaboration unter dem Namen "Subvasion" zusammenschlossen.

Subvasion wiederum schrumpft auf ein Duo zusammen, nennt sich fortan Dubvasion, fusioniert weiterhin instrumentalen Cello-basierten Tribal Dance Punk´n´Bass mit Dub, melancholischem Live-Techno ohne die Punk-Roots zu vernachlässigen.

Das Ganze klingt derartig ausgereift und souverän, als hätten sie nie etwas anders getan.

Press- Review for CD „from afar“:

"Recently released via the independent outfit Major Label is the first five track EP by Dubvasion, a side offshoot of the well-known progressive instrumental band Guts Pie Earshot that fused with the Breakcore-artist L.N/A under the name of Subvasion for the release of their "Lost At Funfair" album and renamed after a split to Dubvasion now, taking on with their journey into electronic playgrounds yet undefined.

Their new EP "From Afar" amalgamates influences from classic DubHouse and contemporary Dubstep, keeps an eye on solemn cellos and distorted guitars that also play a key role in their main band project, takes beats and pieces from genres like EBM, Tribal and Psychedelic or Ritual Trance and form something unique, a new musical shape to function live and on the dancefloor due to its massive gravitational pull and heartfelt seductive approach.

Dubvasion are serving music for the emotionally deep without being cliche, exploring unknown terrain that still has to be named yet. What about Vampire Bass or Dub Nocturne?"


Press- Review for CD "Lost at Funfair“:

A dancefloor storming force of electronic beats ranging from Drum'n'Bass and Dark Jungle to Experimental Unformatted Techno, all instrumental but with a well-recognizable song structure and, most important, accompanied by a wall of dark, epic and nearly cinematic strings which are not only the driving force of all eight tunes but also the very unique element in the music of Subvasion that's not only able to work dancefloors, but will be appreciated by home listeners and soundtrack connaisseurs as well. Not to be missed if you're a fan of outstanding music of any kind!

„ (…)  Wechselspiel aus einer enorm schiebenden Mixtur aus Elektropunk und Dub einerseits und regenerativen Phasen mit orientalischen Einschlägen andererseits.“   (…) „ Schweißnasse Tänzer auf der Tour sind jetzt schon gesichert.“
 (Sonic Seducer)



Cello: Rizio ( Guts Pie Earshot )
Drums/ Sequencer: Scheng ( Guts Pie Earshot )

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reviews for CD „Lost at funfair“